Walking: Our walks will be tailor made to suit you and your dog.

Group walks

We know that all dogs have different needs and offer short walks for smaller and older dogs, or longer walks for those that enjoy a more active life.  We are happy to walk your dog off lead with your written consent and to play the games they love the most.

Solo walks

Should your dog require individual walks we can accommodate too.  This may suit dogs that have aggressive or reactive issues and need 1 on 1 attention or simply have specific needs as to when, where and how they are walked.

Behavioural advice

Everyone requires different behaviours from their dogs and we would never interfere with your personal training regime. However if you require assistance and advice with any unwanted behaviours, whether they be at home or when you are out and about we are here to help.  All behaviour modification and basic training is positive and reward driven, meaning no punishment or anger will ever be shown to your dog


Please get in touch or fill in a registration form for a quote. As your and your dog’s needs will be unique we want to be able to offer a service specifically for you. Price will be determined after initial consultation, however I am happy to provide estimates in advance.

Home Visits

If your dog is unable to go out to walk for any reason we will visit it at home for company and entertainment.



Home from home boarding. Only your dog will be boarded at any one time, ensuring they receive all the fuss and attention they deserve whilst being able to stick to their regular routine.  The super friendly resident labrador will be here to welcome them. A meet and greet session will be essential before the booking is confirmed.  This is to maximise their comfort during their stay and to give us a full understanding of their requirements.  We are located in the countryside surrounded by lots of beautiful walks.

All dogs coming to stay must have proof of vaccinations and flea and worm treatments up to date.

Please call to discuss availability.

Free consultation

Meet and greet