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Thank you for visiting Fetchprofessional, caring and dedicated dog collection & walking service.

Value for money

Walks and activities specifically targeted to your and your dogs needs. This business principally set up for the love of dogs and to aid their owners.

Fully Insured & CRB checked

Relax knowing that walkers have a completely clear background and that your pet is covered whilst walking or travelling. Public liability insured and loss of keys, including replacement locks covered.

First Aid

Your pet will be in safe hands at all times but if something inexplicable did happen your walker will know how to respond.

Imagine a world without any internet, no social media, no access to your favourite TV programme. Imagine if you then had no contact with your family and friends, could not go out and enjoy your hobbies. If you believed you would never see another human again.

For  some dogs this is how it can feel when they are left alone whilst you are out. That is why we have created programmes to ensure your peace of mind and your dog’s well being.

Are you returning home to destruction, mess or an over excited dog? Does your dog seem lethargic?  All these can be signs that your dog is suffering from anxiety separation, boredom or lack of exercise and socialisation.

Dogs require daily mental and physical stimulation to be happy and relaxed.  Like people, all dogs are different.  Through understanding their behaviour and body language we are able to discover their unique personalities and deliver what is best for them.  Whether it be a long off lead hike or a gentle stroll to meet with friends.  Is your dog too reactive to take out or recovering from an injury?  We can provide entertainment and mental stimulation at the dog’s home with various games and scent work, leaving them tired and content but without them being put in any difficult situations or straining any limbs.

Our unique mix and match programmes mean you can select different activities for your dog.  Been for a long run down the beach with the family the day before? Fido may prefer a little scent work at home to rest that stiff leg.  Had Grandma staying and been restricted to the house? Today he may like to go for a long run.  Variety is after all the spice of life!


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